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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Metal Fabrication

All Shore Industries offers metal fabrication services from their Asian manufacturing facilities covering the entire process of turning raw materials into usable product components. Metal fabricators work with steel, brass, zinc, aluminum, and other metals to create products and parts for clients across all industries.

Whether working from client concepts, detailed client designs, or designs custom made for clients by All Shore’s U.S.-based design team, All Shore ensures high quality workmanship at cost-efficient prices. All designs are reviewed in the U.S. prior to fabrication to ensure the most cost effective design techniques have been employed. Following review, the project is then transferred to All Shore's Asian metal fabricators who craft the desired products at a fraction of the cost of comparable domestic metal fabrication work.

All Shore Industries is capable of managing a variety of custom metal fabrication projects including:

 die casting
sand casting
CNC machining
 metal stamping
finishing (paint, powder coat, iridite, anodize, etc.)
and more.

All Shore's Asian metal fabricators can provide sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining of parts, and projects such as aluminum casting (as illustrated in the product example images on this page).

Custom Metal Fabrication Services (and Beyond)

All Shore Industries can provide truly ground-up custom metal fabrication services when clients need them. All Shore offers the highest quality U.S. engineering support, combined with the savings of Asian manufacturing to make the metal fabrication process both efficient and cost-effective.

All Shore's services don't stop with metal fabrication. The company's contract manufacturing services also include the entire mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly process. All Shore's Asian manufacturing facilities can combine components to create finished products, with All Shore handling everything from concept to packaging.

Contact All Shore Industries today to discuss your custom metal fabrication needs and speak to one of our sales representatives.

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